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  • Brandy Chu

Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Rock This 2024

Updated: Apr 6

Get ready to try out the coolest hairstyles of 2024, inspired by famous celebrities! These haircuts are making waves at fancy parties and all over social media. If you enjoy turning heads, let's get pumped up, explore the glamor, and have fun trying out these awesome looks!

1. Tom Holland’s Loose Curly Haircut

The short curls are a practical hairstyle that looks elegant and classy. If you have naturally curly hair then you just need to use some hairspray to add definition. If you don't have natural curls, try using a curler!

2. Ryan Gosling's Taper Haircut

A taper is when hair gradually changes from one length to another. Taper modern haircuts are indeed among the top handsome men's celebrity haircuts. They are easy to manage and look amazing.

3. John Cena’s Crew Cut

A crew cut with fade is a very practical hairstyle. In this short style, we see cropped hair all over the head. It is different from buzz cuts as it generally has more fine hair.

4. Justin Bieber’s Caesar Cut

Came into popularity after the pictures of Emperor Caesar Augustus pictures emerged, the Caesar cut requires your front head hair to be cut in a short straight line. It takes in a length of about 2–5 cm.

5. Liam Hemsworth Quiff

For a nice quiff style, use your hair to shape the hair from all sides. The length can vary from person to person but it is generally about 3-4 inches. It adds volume and movement to the hair.

6. Bruno Mars’s Pompadour

The pompadour has the front hair in an upward manner. It may require some extra hair products unlike other men's celebrity haircuts but it is an eye-catching style that makes a statement! 

7. Chris Hemsworth’s Burst Fade Hairstyle

A stylish burst fade has a gradual cut of the hair along the sides of the ear like a taper haircut. The fade begins low near the ear and tapers gradually into longer hair at the top to create a burst effect. It's a perfect combination of short-side hair and long hair that provides versatility.

8. Chace Crawford’s Drop-Down Hairstyle

As it says, in a “drop-down” cut, the hair will actually drop towards the head. You'll have your front hair at the forehead touching the eyebrows, even coming to the eyes in this cut.

Perhaps you're someone who prefers to play it safe, or maybe you're more of an adventurous type. But guess what? It's 2024, and it's the perfect time to break away from the usual and showcase your individuality with your appearance.

Schedule an appointment today and let's see if you can become a trendsetter too!

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