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How To Communicate With Your Barber And Get The Cut You Want

Updated: Apr 6

People getting haircuts at Cutthroat Barbers

Getting the perfect haircut isn't just about looking sharp; it's also about knowing you got your money's worth and feeling confident and relaxed with your chosen style. Now, to make sure you get that perfect cut, effective communication with your barber is the key.

Whether you're trying a new style or visiting a barber for the first time, having a clear idea of what you want is crucial to avoid any letdowns. Your barber's mission is to make you happy, and the best way to ensure that is by expressing your desires effectively. To help your barber work their magic and ensure you leave the shop feeling like the best version of yourself, here are some tips on effective barbershop communication.

Be prepared

Communication with your barber goes beyond just the style you want. Your barber is likely to dive into the nitty-gritty of your hair world – your routine, the products you use (if any), and even your drying techniques. They might be curious about your lifestyle and occupation too. It's not just small talk; it's all about understanding what your hair needs.

Your barber wants to create a look that not only suits you but also fits into your daily life. There's no point in crafting a masterpiece that you can't replicate or maintain. So, be ready to spill the beans on your hair habits, routine, and what works best for you day-to-day. It's all in the name of getting you a cut that works seamlessly for both you and your lifestyle.

Bring a picture

Describing the haircut you want with words alone can be a bit tricky, even for the most articulate folks. That's where pictures come in as your trusty sidekick. Before heading to your barber, gather a few snapshots that showcase the look you're after. You can either go for one image that perfectly captures your desired style or a mix of pictures highlighting specific features. For example, one image for the length of your sideburns and another for your ideal parting. It's like creating a visual mood board for your hair!

Quick tip: Choose pictures of models who share your face shape and hair type. This ensures your barber gets a clear picture of what's possible and can translate it seamlessly to your unique hair. It's all about avoiding any potential awkwardness and making sure you and your barber are on the same page.

A man getting a beard trim at Cutthroat Barbers

Be specific

Vague terms like 'long' and 'short' can indeed lead to crossed wires at the barber's chair. What might be long for one person could be short for another. To avoid any confusion, it's all about being specific.

Instead of throwing around those ambiguous terms, try to quantify how much you want off. Saying, "I want a couple of centimeters taken off the top" is crystal clear and leaves no room for misinterpretation. If you're not exactly sure about the length you want, no worries! Just let your barber know, and they can work with you incrementally, shortening your hair bit by bit until you're happy with the length. It's all about keeping those communication lines clear and ensuring you get the perfect cut.

Be honest

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to your hair! Your barber's mission is to send you out the door feeling happy and confident, and the key to that is laying all the cards on the table.

Share the quirks of your hair – those cowlicks, whorls, and the wild dance your curls might do at certain lengths. Let your barber in on any thinning or balding areas you'd like them to work their magic on or anything you absolutely don't want them to touch. The more your barber knows, the better they can tailor your chosen style to work seamlessly with your hair type. Plus, it helps them avoid accentuating anything you'd rather keep under wraps.

Trust your barber

Your barber is like a hair guru, and if they're expressing any doubts or offering advice, it's wise to listen up. They've got heaps of experience, having seen a multitude of cuts on various heads.

A good barber can assess if a style might not work as you're envisioning, especially considering your specific hair type. Instead of pushing for a style that might not play well with your hair's natural tendencies, trust your barber's expertise. They can often suggest an alternative cut that achieves a similar look but suits your face shape and hair type better. It's like having a personal style consultant right in the barber's chair – trust the process!

People getting haircuts at Cutthroat Barbers

At Cutthroat Barbers, we get it – expressing your desired haircut can be a bit tricky. But fear not! Our barbers are experienced, dedicated to making sure your cut is everything you envisioned, and your experience is nothing short of relaxing. For the ultimate barbershop experience, why not book an appointment today? We're here to transform your hair and have you leaving feeling your best!

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