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Basic Grooming Tips Every Guy Should Know

Updated: Apr 6

Let's ditch the old-school stereotype that “taking care of yourself” is just for the ladies. Guys, listen up: there's nothing unmanly about looking after yourself! It's all about feeling good and having a blast while doing it. Whether you're into skincare, hitting the gym, or just chilling out, self-care is for everyone. So, let’s dive into this blog and show yourself some love—you deserve it, buddy!

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SPF every day

Yes, keeping your skin young and fresh is a must! Instead of just fixing issues like sun damage and wrinkles, why not stop them before they start? In the morning, slap on moisturizer with SPF to dodge UV rays and pollution. Throw on sunscreen when you know you'll be out in the sun for a while. These simple steps help your skin stay smooth, avoid wrinkles, and say no to dark spots (plus, lower the risk of skin cancer). And don't slack off in winter or on cloudy days – those sneaky UV rays can still cause trouble!

Get a new toothbrush every 3 months

Remember to switch out your toothbrush every three months! After that, the bristles lose their effectiveness in cleaning your teeth. It's a simple solution and doesn't break the bank to replace. You can even opt for a toothbrush subscription if you find it hard to remember. That way, you'll never have to worry about buying a new toothbrush every few months. Convenient, isn't it?

Find yourself a dermatologist

Guess what? Dermatologists aren't just for moles and eczema. You should see them as often as your regular doc, eye doctor, or dentist. They handle all kinds of skin and hair stuff – from keeping your feet healthy to managing acne and even tackling signs of aging. The best part is, they really get to know your skin and can give you personalized advice. It's like having a therapist for your skin – pretty cool, right?

Condition and trim your beard

When it comes to trimming your beard, most guys just use one setting on the trimmer for the whole face, maybe cleaning up the edges without a guard. If you invest in a trimmer with different heads or have two separate devices for trimming and detailing, you can play around with guard widths and lengths. This lets you add some style to your mustache, goatee, or sides.Second, condition your beard and hair during your shower, leaving the conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing. You’ll be surprised by with your moisturized beard that's way less itchy.

For that extra oomph, try beard oil to open up facial pores, promoting robust growth and a less patchy look. Top it off with beard wax for an overall sheen, keeping those beard hairs in check and adding a scented flair for date nights or office vibes. 

But if you ever feel like taming your beard isn't exactly your strong suit, just keep in mind that you can always swing by Cutthroat Barbers for a stylish beard trim.

Scalp care is skin care too

Think of your scalp like the skin on your face – it needs some love too! Don't wait for itching or flakes to show up. Give your scalp some attention regularly to keep your hair healthy and strong. Try adding a scalp scrub or serum to your routine – it helps lift dead skin, keeps things balanced, and prevents buildup. You can also go for a weekly anti-fungal wash or a deep-nourishing scalp mask. Your scalp will thank you!

Get haircut regularly

Ideally, men should schedule a haircut every two to three weeks, especially if opting for a tight fade or a detailed style that benefits from more frequent maintenance. Waiting no longer than a month is crucial to prevent your hair from getting unruly and losing its shape.

Even if you're growing your hair out, it's advisable to visit the barbershop regularly for shaping. Waiting a whole year without attention can result in six months of hair chaos, making it essential to maintain a cleaner and well-kept appearance.

Cutthroat barbers

And there you have it – a crash course in the essential grooming tips every guy should know! In the dynamic world of grooming, it's not just about following trends; it's about embracing practices that make you feel your absolute best. Keep experimenting, stay fresh, and let your grooming routine be a reflection of your unique style and personality. 

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